Introducing: The Minimum Viable Concept Test

The MVC Test brings consumer-based learning to improve digital service ideas

    • Our research methodology and analysis is based on decades of experience in launching new-to-the-world products and services.
    • Your results are benchmarked against a growing database of historic MVC testing results, which unearths strengths and weaknesses that no other survey can replicate.
    • We offer scenario testing, price modeling, idea-specific questions and competitive comparison options.
    • Your idea and results are kept completely confidential.

How it works

    • Step 1: Concept Development and Target Audience Selection
      • We work with you to narrow the target audience based on demographics, psychographics, technology adoption, and other factors.
      • During a workshop session, our consultants co-create a written/visual concept using a proven structure.  Videos can also be tested.
      • We allow you to run simultaneous concept tests on two direct or indirect competitors–or even alternative ways to present your solution.
    • Step 2: Proprietary, Secure Survey Process and Methodology
      • We choose a large-size consumer test group from an online panel of over 2 million U.S. residents.
      • Feedback includes multiple choice and open-ended responses.
    • Step 3: Final Analysis, Insights and Recommendations
      • Scores are presented in absolute numbers and compared against a database of historic concept tests.
      • Key numbers help identify particular strengths and areas of risk and improvement.
      • We develop an Engagement Forecast™ to model Year 1 traffic and revenue, including various assumptions and scenarios.
      • Prioritized recommendations are based on interpretation of data and years of experience.

Report output includes:

    • Overall consumer interest and likelihood of trying and/or buying.
    • Specific feedback on areas such as Use Rate, Need Fulfillment, Believability, Substitutes and Word-of-Mouth Potential.
    • Most and least important features and functions.
    • Demographics and psychographics of likely users.
    • Engagement Forecast of user base and revenue modeling.

Our clients choose MVC testing to:

    • Bring unbiased consumer data to improve strategic decision-making.
    • Screen startup pitches for funding consideration.
    • Model upside scenarios with a broader, mainstream market.
    • Guide product and marketing development.


    • Our prices vary depending on specific options, and start at around $1,000.  For less than the cost of closing legal expenses you receive complete test results, analysis and recommendations.
    • Volume discounts and value-added services are available.  Our goal is to be a competitive advantage for a handful of forward-thinking investment groups.