The Minimum Viable Concept Test Builder Launches
January 16, 2013
The Minimum Viable Concept Test Builder Launches

A little over a year ago we first saw the need for a fast, low-cost customer research tool that startups could use to learn before launching their big ideas. The leaders of the lean startup movement said the world needed more customer input earlier in the process, but they could not tell us where to go for a professional, quantitative solution. So we developed our own: The Minimum Viable Concept Test. In 2012 we tested over 70 new-to-the-world ideas, ranging from apps for business travelers to skin cream for teen girls. Dozens of our customers have since launched and are growing their businesses using insights gleaned from MVC Testing to improve their odds of success.

As a startup itself, the team here at the MVC Test is continually learning from each customer experience and partner discussion. You, dear reader, have helped us refine and improve our process and product, and we are proud to announce a big upgrade to our service, The MVC Test Builder.

Over the past year we have been looking for ways to make our testing process simpler for our customers. The biggest issue we see is that it can take a week or more for us to have an initial one-on-one discussion about the MVC Test with startup founders who discover our service. You had to send us an email, set up a conference call, then engage in multiple phone and email conversations to finalize and launch a test. We know that each minute of a startup's time is invaluable, and we have seen how founders are willing to figure things out on their own to get the answers they need quickly.

So we decided to significantly streamline the process with a self-serve research tool that we call the MVC Test Builder. Now you can choose the test that is right for you, build your idea description, select your target audience, input additional questions, and send us a draft of your test for final pricing and feedback. We'll reply with any questions or comments within 24 hours and launch your test as soon as you are ready. All communication will be centralized in your MVC Test account, where your final report will be uploaded as soon as it is available. In case you need help along the way, we've made it easy to draft your test with specific tips, FAQs, and walkthrough videos at each step of the process. And of course we are always up for a phone chat if you need further help or would like a personal discussion of your results.

Whether you are still considering an MVC Test for your idea, or are require additional research for a company you have tested with us in the past, the MVC Test Builder is a great tool for thinking through your research needs. Finally, if you or anyone you know would like to be one of the first to launch with the MVC Test Builder, we have a special bonus for you: Use the Discount Code "MAILER" to get $100 off any test now through February 2013. So head over to the Test Builder and put it through its paces.

Thank you so much for your business and partnership in 2012, and we wish you the best of luck with your launches in 2013 and beyond.



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