The MVC Test – Now in Video Concept Form
October 21, 2012
The MVC Test – Now in Video Concept Form
As a startup investor, advisor, board member, it sometime feels strange to tell people that I also have my own startup, the Minimum Viable Concept Test--which in turn is a service that helps other startups in customer development and product positioning. It's a bit like the Seinfeld episode where Kramer sells a book about coffee table book--that sprouts legs and turns into a coffee table. Then again, launching a startup to help other startups provides me with unique insights and perspective. One of the things I have learned through my testing is that video can be a powerful way to communicate an idea. As I wrote in this post a few months ago, the sight, sound and motion of video is tough to beat. In my MVC Testing, video continually leads to better customer understanding and feedback. It does not mean that simple descriptions in a one-page form are mistakes--as both are effective in drawing useful responses and both mimic how people learn about ideas in the real world. But video is a step closer toward creating actual in-market advertising. I recently decided to practice what I've been preaching and commissioned the video below to describe the MVC Test: I had a great time working with the gang at Elevator Insight, which has done similarly great work with several other companies in our portfolio. They have the process nailed down tightly and we got to this output in about a month. I recommend that your business use video once you are a bit down in the path in customer development, and already have some early (preferably paying) customers. While the cost is reasonable enough to start with video, you can learn a lot by simpler communication forms--and leave yourself the flexibility to change the product and positioning frequently at the early stages. Since a soft launch of this video last week, I've already gotten several positive comments and new leads. Stay tuned to this space in the next few months, as this is just one piece of an expansion of the MVC Test platform to make it even more useful to innovators around the world. You should learn more about the MVC Test here, and follow me on Twitter here. +Bob Gilbreath

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